Eton 350 Multi purpose radio

Description: These neat eco radios make a useful green wedding gift, housewarming present, eco gift for birthdays or green christmas present! The FR350 is a water-resistant radio with LED light and cell phone charger that uses improved technology. With three sources of power and a durable exterior it is a versatile and Eco friendly radio. The FR350 is perfect for a wide wide range of uses either as an emergency radio or for sailing, treking, camping, listening to music by the pool, or soaking up the sunshine on the beach. It's ideal for the world traveller too, where power sources may be un-reliable Using the hand-crank power generator, you can charge the internal rechargeable Ni-MH battery pack and use the radio, light or mobile phone charger (oh yes - you can also charge your phone through it!!) in times of need. A great eco gift!

Price: £39.99

Category: Gadgets

Type: Energy efficient

Currently out of stock - more coming soon!