Big Brands with a carbon conscience

Dear Barclays, Sky, RBS and British Gas,
Why are you failing to reduce carbon emissions at a time when planet Earth is fragile and needs the concerted efforts of all those with money, power and influence?

Dear Google, Amazon, eBay and facebook,
Just because you operate in the immaterial, existing only on our screens, doesnt mean that you are exempt from reducing your carbon emissions; You who, encourage our daily energy use and consumption…

Dear Harvey Nichols, Chanel,
Your higher quality brand status does not elevate you above the very real and gritty issues of climate change.

Dear Tesco, T-Mobile, Dell and BMW,
Well done for appearing to recognise the importance of the issue, for reducing your emissions. But please done get complacent, and PLEASE make sure that real targets are set and met (as we know how easily big companies can manipulate data now, dont we?).

If companies want to have resources to trade and consumers to buy goods in future, then they will have to commit to long-term environmental measures, in place of short term profit.

Source: Brand Emissions, 2009, University of Edinburgh, ENDS, Carbon Brand Republic.


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