Spring is here with Duchy Eco gardening tools

Spring is here and it time to get planning and planting!

Here at good green gifts we stock Duchy Original Gardening tools from eco pruning shears, trowels and forks to heavy duty (but not too heavy) digging spades and forks.

Duchy Original gardening tools are part of the Prince of Wales’ collection of products that are committed to sustainability.

The wooden handles of these garden tools have been specially designed for comfort and ease and are made from sustainably sourced straight-grained ash sourced from the Duchy of Cornwall estate. This guarantees high quality wood from a renewable source.

 They are then hand barrel waxed – a natural protection method. The tool heads are manufactured in steel by craftsmen and hand polished. All the profits go back into the Prince of Wales’ charities.

So if you are looking for some special and beautiful gardening equipment (and just a little bit posh!) to start your digging, pruning and weeding, then these eco garden tools come highly recommended.

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