Make your own eco friendly clearning products: White wine vinegar

Vinegar is a dilute solution of acetic acid, which cuts through grease, deodorises and acts as a mild disinfectant and is non toxic.

Although, we mainly chomp it with our chips, it is actually a very good eco friendly cleaning product which is literally, cheaper than chips!

The best type to use is white wine vinegar as it doesn’t leave an odour like malt vinegar. For a general cleaner 50% vinegar 50% water is a good start – although if stains are a bit tougher leave the solution on a bit longer or add a bit of extra vinegar.

White wine vinegar is an especially good eco substitute for window cleaner and can also be used to clean windscreens and windscreen wipers.

It is also a great descaler. If you want to clean shower heads you can pop them in a bucket of undiluted vinegar. If you want to clean your kettle, fill it up with vinegar and leave it overnight (but don’t boil it and make sure to rinse it out thoroughly!). For taps, soak paper towels in the vinegar, wrap around the taps and cover in plastic bags for a few hours and they’ll look brand new.

Vinegar is a great way to do less damage to the environment and means that you can spend a few less pennies on chemicals.

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