Eco Christmas presents

November 27th, 2009

That crazy consumer time is upon us. Christmas shopping. This year Good Green Gifts is encouraging our customers to have a very green Christmas and to think about where their Christmas gifts come from and what the environmental impact of their Christmas presents is.

Good Green Gifts has selected a wide range of eco and ethical Christmas presents. Green Christmas presents for mum, Eco Christmas presents for dad, Ethical Christmas presents for children, Eco Christmas toys and games, eco gadgets, eco gifts for Gran and Grandad, Green Christmas gifts for Aunts and Uncles. All of these Christmas presents are ethical, ecological and/or energy efficient so visit our shop and see if you can give your friends and family a Green Christmas Present from Good Green Gifts this year.

Planes and climate change

September 9th, 2009

aeroplaneHaving a brother who lives in New Zealand, I battle regularly with the impact of flying to visit my sibling. Price and distance means that a visit is unlikely more than every four years, and in the interim we tend to take staycations. Flying by the Good Green Gifts household is a rare event (deliberately may I add). Nonetheless, even as an infrequent flyer, I do fear the consequences of the impact that my family visits will have…

BUT today we learn that the Climate Change Committee is suggesting that we make domestic emission CO2 cuts of 90% in the overall economy by 2050 in order to enable us to continue to fly in the somewhat excessive way that we do…

This seems ridiculous. Surely we simply need to fly less? How can the volume of flying undertaken currently be in any way acceptable if we are to avoid catastrophic climate change?

We need a brave Government who is prepared to think about the future of planet Earth, rather than imanent election or re-election, to make policy that encourages us to do this…

Surely we cannot keep on kidding ourselves that making cuts in emissions in some areas earns us the right to continue to pollute in others?

10:10 campaign: Reducing carbon emissions by 2010

September 4th, 2009

10-10-logoI was lucky enough to be at the launch of the 10:10 campaign at the Tate Modern on Tuesday.

This campaign was started by film maker Franny Armstrong, who like a lot of us, feels desperate about the lack of political action on matters environmental, thus decided that the only way to bring about change is for us to act individually and en masse, regardless of policy.

The campaign invites us all to identify ways of cutting our own carbon emissions by 10% by the end of 2010. It is vital that a 10% cut is achieved by then if we are to slow global warming. If we dont, the result, put bluntly, is the end of civilisation as we know it.

Time is running out, and as Franny put it: ‘We will be the only species to knowingly wipe ourself off the planet’.

The 10:10 campaign website provides lots of information about the simple steps that we can undertake to reduce our carbon footprint and make simple lifestyle changes. It really doesnt take much to reduce your personal emissions by 10%.

Tens of thousands of people have signed up – but it matters that we ALL make this commitment. Politicians – who appear to have done very little are jumping onto the 10:10 bandwagon, with Simon Hughes committing the Lib Dems to the campaign on launch day, David Milliband personally signing up, the Shadow Cabinet pledging to support the camapign and today, the Cabinet have also commited. Lots of celebs have also committed to do their bit, Colin Firth, Kwame Kwei-Armah, Delia Smith, Sarah Cox, Tottenham Hotspurs football club…..

But this is not a choice that should be influence by politics. Neither does it matter which celebs have added their name to the campaign list. It is a personal issue.

We can choose to act now to preserve the planet for future generations and for the wonderful wildlife around us. Or we can do nothing, live selfishly, consume incessantly and destroy the lot.

For me there is little doubt as to the right way to go…. and although the launch event was a little muddled at times and lacked finesse/gloss, the essence of it was brilliant and one can only be inspired by the energy and commitment of Franny Armstrong and her team to encourage us all to bring about change.

Sign up to the 10:10 campaign at: