Eco balls and environmentally friendly washing

January 20th, 2010

Eco balls give you a very real eco friendly alternative to washing powders, save money, electricity, water and time. They work by producing ionised oxygen in the water which activates the water molecules to penetrate deep into the fibres and lift the dirt away. They are especially good with towels, bed linen and dark colours but with whites and in especially hard water areas or very dirty laundry you may need to use normal washing power for that extra boost. The pros of using these balls are too good to ignore.

• Environmentally friendly – no harsh chemicals or plastic containers to dispose of, meaning much less pollution
• Lower wash temperatures – they operate on a quick wash (30 degrees), reducing your electricity costs and water bills, and saving you even more money.
• One set lasts for 1,000 washes which works out at roughly 3p per wash rather than 25p using normal detergent.
• Softens clothes without needing fabric conditioner even in hard water areas again saving you money.
• Hypoallergenic – so suitable for sensitive skins/eczema (including babies and children).
• Antibacterial – Kills Escherichia Coli and Staphylococcus Aureus.
• Kind to your clothes – they won’t fade bright colours or damage clothing fibres.
• Research suggests that if everyone in the UK switched to Eco Balls 700,000 fewer tonnes of detergent would go into Britain’s waterways every year.
So there you have it – eco balls certainly worth adding to your list of positive environmental actions you can take in your home. Available here as a good green gift or eco choice.

Reasons to have an eco wedding list…

January 18th, 2010

PINKPOLKAteapotStatistics show that the average wedding in the UK creates around 14.5 tonnes of CO2 which of course will impact the planet. Gosh! So if you were considering having a wedding list or looking for a present to make your carbon footprint a bit more dainty, why not lessen the impact by creating an eco wedding list or a purchasing an eco product from our range of wedding gifts.

While having a traditional wedding gift list will mean lots of mass manufactured and imported gifts, not only will choosing an eco wedding list help the environment, but you will be helping to sustain developing communities, enabling craft people to generate income through their hand made gifts and even helping charity at the same time. (Five percent of our profits goes towards small UK eco charities with environmental focuses).

Our eco gift registry has a wide range of ideas for the home and garden. From the really practical like subscribing to an organic veg. box or ordering a plum tree, to unique designer wedding gifts like UK hand made pottery, rare textiles like Kuba cloth from the Congo or high quality Irish linen.

All these eco wedding gifts are either UK made, fairly traded, use organic and/or sustainable materials, are made by hand by traditional UK crafters, or are environmentally friendly and energy saving wedding presents.

With such a range of wedding presents to choose from and with so many benefits (other than just having a homeful of lovely eco wedding gifts) choosing an eco wedding list seems like an obvious choice.

New glass from old – the story of recycled glassware

January 4th, 2010

tumblers-and-carafe.Did you know that when you buy recycled glass you become part of a creative environmentally friendly process? Recycled glass is melted at a lower temperature therefore conserving natural resources and energy, generating less air contamination and because it is recycled the raw material extraction from our planet is non existent. This glass does not go to landfill but becomes a new product and so forms a complete recycling loop. The average from one thousand bottles is one less ton of waste and it can be recycled repeatedly without any reduction in quality. It’s a whole in its self, very adaptable, environmentally friendly and it provides sustainable employment opportunities too!

So with this in mind and heart our Spanish sourced beautiful glassware carafes, tumblers, glasses and wine glasses are of course 100 % recycled, recreated and ready to be enjoyed anew as a green gift or eco choice.