Are Bamboo products eco-friendly?

January 15th, 2010

GreenbamboosetTo be totally honest the answer to the question ‘Is bamboo eco – friendly?’ is yes and no. It depends on what it’s used for and how much it is in demand.

The good news is as a building material bamboo is very good as it is the fastest growing plant on earth some species can grow up to four feet a day. It takes between three and five years to be ready to harvest bamboo, compared to thirty to fifty for hardwood. It can be grown without pesticides or chemicals is degradable and can regenerate on it’s own. Just to be clear, bamboo is a grass and not a wood and is great at producing oxygen, helping reduce greenhouse gases.

The bad news is most bamboo comes from China so it has to be shipped a fair distance. Sadly, the manufacturing processes for products such as bamboo flooring and bamboo cloth are industrially highly intensive and some use a high degree of toxic chemicals.
So, it is good to be aware and ask questions when sourcing your bamboo products.

Good Green Gifts stocks a range of bamboo products, from bamboo towels, to bamboo chopping boards, bamboo spoons and bamboo bowls. We try to make sure that the products that we stock have been shipped rather than flown and use the least intensive production practices. Our bamboo kitchenware for example is produced from organic and sustainable bamboo and made under fair trade conditions by hand by craftspeople rather than being mass manufactured.

Supporting eco charities: The Railway Land project Lewes

December 4th, 2009

Every month, Good Green Gifts gives 10 % of its profits to a small ecological charity.

This month our chosen charity is the Railway Land Project in Lewes. The land is an area of 20 acres on the edge of Lewes by the river Ouse that was once a neglected railway yard. It was saved by a group of local residents to use as a nature reserve and the Railway Land project began.

railway land

The Project is run by the Railway Land Trust and by a Junior Management Board of budding ecologists.

At the entrance to the Reserve, the Railway Land Wildlife Trust is now in the process of building a unique ecological centre that will be a centre of environmental education for all generations. We are delighted to be supporting this grass roots led ecological project.

Prince’s Rainforest Project

August 2nd, 2009

The Prince of Wales’ broadcast about the Prince’s Rainforests Project (PRP), distributed via You Tube appeared as a tiny feature in the so-called ‘free’ newspapers, blink and you would have missed the sentence that promoted it. Instead, they of course, gave a half page to their ‘green’ efforts; ‘What can you make from the free newspaper in question?’ Where they give £1000 to those who bother to take their paper home and recycle it into some form of art…

The Prince’s Rainforests Project is on the other hand working to support ‘Rainforest nations’, helping them to change their attitudes to the Rainforests, to see them as more valuable as living entities, than as piles of expensive and exportable hardwood. The Prince’s Rainforest Project aims to make these changes by bringing together richer nations, developing Rainforest friendly policy and through injecting funds into the nations who own and have dominion over the lungs of the Earth.

For those who havent yet viewed it, the short video by the Prince of Wales about The Prince’s Rainforests Project on You tube is a really valuable watch. You can also see the accompanying promo video below:

The Prince has always been ahead of his time in matters green but scoffed and deigned inappropriately political by journalists. However, he has more often than not been right, although I should imagine that there is little satisfaction in this, when watching our fragile planet as it slowly implodes at our hands.

We are really happy to be supporting The Prince’s Rainforests Project on our site where we promote his campaign to try to bring about a slow down (one day a stop perchance?) to the dangerous deforestation of the Rainforests. Please do follow our link to visit his site and sign up to support the project.

The site contains some really interesting information and if you want to have nightmares, then simply watch the whirling o’meter’ at the top of the screen which monitors the amount of forest destroyed, thus releasing tonnes of CO2 into the atmosphere, as you visit……